Touchscreen table restaurant

Touchscreen table restaurant

Touchscreen table restaurant : what benefits ?

As we all know, today digital has a prominent place in our society for all the benefits it brings. Reliable and fast , the digitization of spaces is done more and more including in restaurants. Already used in fast food restaurants with tactile terminals, the phenomenon seems to be developing and is appearing in traditional restaurants.

Connected tables

Many restaurants have already equipped their establishment with touch tables. With a central screen or several small screens for each client, they offer various features such as menu display, order taking, dissemination of information and images as well as fun games or of reflection to keep customers of all ages waiting.
The waterproof and resistant screen designed for its environment, resists all the vicissitudes of the restoration.
The touch table offers benefits for customers as well as for staff.

Touchscreen table restaurant

Touchscreen table restaurant

Une expérience client améliorée

Restaurant touch tables offer customers a unique experience. Unlike a traditional map, the photo display provides an insight into the dishes that encourage the customer's order . Orders are taken directly from the table and connected to the kitchens, which makes easier to transmit and serve. With smoother service and reduced waiting time, customers are thrilled. Finally, games are installed on the table to wait in an original way, what to mark their spirits and loyalty.

Touchscreen table restaurant double screen waterproof
A table with a central screen
Touchscreen table restaurant double screen waterproof
The touch table coffee for 2 people
Touchscreen table restaurant 4 screens waterproof
The restaurant table for 4 peoples

An innovation for servers

Contrary to what one might think, digital is not meant to replace servers but to optimize their work and improve their efficiency. The result is better client / server communication. Thus, touch tables are a great help for staff, allowing them to focus on the well-being of customers.

Interesting results

Viewing the food and not having to wait for the waiter seems to encourage customers to order more appetizers, desserts, and coffees since they order 20% more. In addition, customer turnover is also faster thanks to the speed and efficiency of service offered by the tables. Customers' time decreased by 5 minutes on average allows restaurateurs to have more cutlery. In addition, a study showed that tips customers left after installing digital devices in their workspaces.

New developments may appear

The purpose of these tables is to give a unique experience to customers and to promise quick and optimal service to the most eager while enjoying the quality of a restaurant traditional.
Taxi order, train schedules or real time traffic may be available. Information about the nearby historical places might be interesting for tourists. These touch tables offer a real added value to restaurants.

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Increase your income

Customers are more likely to order more desserts or drinks while they wait. A fast ordering and payment process will help restaurants to serve more customers in less time, especially during busy periods.

Social marketing

Encourage your customers to market your brand via the Internet and social networks through love and share buttons.

Health Tips

Your customers can filter and order items based on their needs, such as calories, season, type of food, allergic ingredients and level of spice.

Rich content for a unique experience

View more photos, videos, ingredient descriptions, diet specifics (vegetarian, allergens, gluten free), calorie count.

Improve your efficiency

Customers will benefit from faster service with error-free orders, instant payments or electronic receipts.
This automated ordering process reduces the time and possible delays. This helps your servers be more efficient and your customers get a better service experience.

Improve your notoriety

Digitization puts the customer at the heart of your communication and develops your reputation online and offline.

Build customer loyalty

Digitization facilitates the link with your customers allowing you to send them offers to arouse envy.

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