Sells conditions

Article n ° 1: Object

All sales made by CONECTINNOV are Subject to these general conditions which prevail over all Conditions of purchase, unless there is a formal and express CONECTINNOV and appearing on the order form.

Article n ° 2.1: Prices and regulations

The prices of goods and software licenses sold are Those in force on the day of the order. They shall be And calculated without tax. As a result, they will be Plus VAT and transport charges for the day of the order. In order to determine a payment period expressed in number of days End of the month, the number of days must first be counted, and then Determine the end of the month of the date thus obtained. In case of payment by credit card issued by a bank Domiciled outside France, the card must be a card International banking system. CONECTINNOV agrees to change its tariffs to any time. However, it undertakes to invoice the goods Ordered at the prices indicated on the registration of the command. In the event of a disagreement on a part of the invoice, the Customer undertakes to Pay the undisputed portion without delay and to indicate in writing to the CONECTINNOV the reason for the dispute. By express agreement, failure to pay our invoices Without preliminary notice, the payment of interest Of 2% per month of the sums due plus the immediate All sums remaining due. However, the rate can not be Less than three times the statutory rate as required by section L441-6 of the Trade code. In addition, as stated in Article L441-6, A lump-sum payment for recovery costs is due to the Creditor in the event that the amounts due are settled after the date due. This amount was fixed by decree at 40 €.

Article n ° 2.2: Discounts

The value of qualitative and quantitative discounts as well as Quantities shall be established freely by CONECTINNOV and May be changed at any time without notice. Quantitative discounts are reserved for past orders On our online shops and do not apply to items Already benefiting from a discount or a promotional offer. Promotional discounts for either the products or the Brands, or an entire online store are only applicable to The products in stock. Any other product can not get discounts promotional. Similarly, packs are not Discount vouchers, or discount vouchers.

Article 2.3: Discount

No discount will be given.

Article 3: Customs duties

Any order delivered outside of France may be submitted Taxes and customs duties. These Customs duties and any taxes relating to the delivery of an article shall be Responsibility of the purchaser. We do not Are not required to verify and inform you of the rights of Customs and applicable taxes. To know them, we It is recommended that you contact the relevant your country.

Article 4: Retention of title

Pursuant to the law of 12 May 1980, CONECTINNOV The full ownership of the goods subject to the order until the Payment until full payment of the price, in principal and in accessories. As such, if the purchaser is subject to relief or Judicial liquidation, CONECTINNOV reserves the right to The right to claim, in the context of collective proceedings, the Goods sold and remain unpaid. In case of non-compliance Of the payment deadlines, CONECTINNOV reserves the right to require By registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, the restitution of At the buyer's expense.

Article 5: Shipments, transport risk

Whatever the mode of shipment, our goods travel to Costs, risks and perils of the recipient. In case of goods Missing or deteriorated during transport, the buyer must Make all necessary reservations on the delivery note to Receipt of such goods. These reservations must also be confirmed in writing in the Five days following delivery, by registered mail with acknowledgment reception. Undue refusal of delivery will result in the invoicing of round trip.

Article 6.1: Place of delivery

Delivery is made either by direct delivery of the goods To the buyer, or by sending a notice of availability in Store for the attention of the buyer, or at the place indicated by the buyer On the order form.

Article 6.2: Delivery to professionals

Delivery time is as accurate as possible Without any guarantee on our part. By express agreement a Delay in delivery can not be invoked for a cancellation of Order or refusal of delivery and give rise to no penalties Or damages and interest.

Article 6.3: Delivery to individuals

The deadline for delivery is as accurate as possible. Unless otherwise stated in an online order, the Delivery period to individuals is 30 days. In case of delay More than 7 days the individual may denounce the order concerned By registered letter.

Article 7: Cancellations and returns of equipment

Cancellations and returns of equipment can only be made with Our consent. The resulting costs shall be borne by the customer. For cancellations of orders not provided for in article 6.3, There will be applied a 10% management fee discount with a Minimum of 15 €. For returns of equipment a Discount of 10% for verification and 5% restocking. The validity of Our assets or overpayment is six months. After this delay have it or too Shall cease to have effect. CONECTINNOV does not refund. The amount of assets is deducted from future orders.

Article n ° 8: Civil liability

CONECTINNOV disclaims all liability in respect of Harmful consequences that may result from the use of our products.

Article 9: Force majeure

The responsibility of CONECTINNOV can not be Implementation if the non-performance or delay in the execution of Any of its obligations described in these Terms and Conditions Of a force majeure. As such, the Force majeure means any external, unpredictable and Irresistible within the meaning of Article 1148 of the Civil Code.

Article 10: Competent court and applicable legislation

By express agreement between the parties and notwithstanding Clauses to the contrary appearing on commercial papers or Documents of the buyer, the Courts of Cergy Pontoise will be Only competent in case of disputes or disputes. It is the French laws and regulations that apply to Transactions covered herein.