Touchscreen digital table Android for Kids

Table tactile Android pour Enfants, Écran Samsung

Touchscreen table Android multiplayer

  • - Specially designed for kids
  • - Multiplayers up to 4 players at the same time
  • - Waterproof and Shock resistant
  • - Ready to play, games, apps and security configured
  • - Unique child's space and irresistible design
  • - Compact: less than 1m²
  • Touchscreen digital table Android waterproof

    Safety glass


  • Touchscreen digital table Android WIFI ethernet


    Ethernet RJ45

  • Touchscreen digital table Android kids security



  • Touchscreen digital table Android for Kids corner 1 year warranty

    1 year warranty

Digital display: terminals and touch kiosks.

The 42 "Full HD Interactive Music Stand

At the cutting edge of technology, it offers a sleek and ultra-resistant design and features a 42 "Full HD touch screen to interactively roll out your business.

Borne tactile intéractive PLV stand Kiosk digital
Touch Terminal 32"

The touch screen kiosk is available in 32 ", 46" or 55 "display options and detects up to 16 simultaneous touch points. It can be personalized with a logo to your colors that will be stuck on his central foot.

Borne kiosk tactile de comptoir
Kiosque comptoir 15,6"

The countertop kiosk, save space and display your product catalog at the sight of your customers.

Borne kiosk tactile de comptoir
Kiosque sur pied 15”

This standing kiosk with a simple and clean design will be easy to place in your space. It will allow you to display the content you want in the view of your customers.


Touchscreen tables designed for restaurant

Flyer, brochure with integrated video
Video Book
Flyer with integrated video

Here is the Video Book, or interactive brochure that allows you to broadcast presentation videos inside a brochure with pages printed and a mini screen to stream your content.

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